Doreedos Steglitz

Whether Argentinean steaks, pizza or salads – at Doreedos Steakhouse Steglitz all tastes are catered for. Enjoy delicious food in a pleasant atmosphere and at prices like 20 years ago!


Doreedos Specials

144. Doreedos – Roast beef 180g11,9923,98

145. Pechugas Pablano8,9917,98

146. Pollo con Piña8,9917,98

147. Mole Verde á la Petitas8,9917,98

148. Doreedos Beef skewer11,9923,98

149. House style steak 250g11,9923,98

66. Frango Indianer11,9923,98

67. Chicken Curry11,9923,98

68. Lamb Curry11,9923,98

69. Scampi Curry11,9923,98

108. Chicken breast fillet8,9917,98

109. Fried veal liver11,9923,98